Foray Foręt (1990)

Photo © Karli Cadel 2011, Jacob's Pillow

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music: Local marching band
set design: Robert Rauschenberg
costume: Robert Rauschenberg
lighting: Robert Rauschenberg with Spencer Brown
length: 28 minutes
performers: 9 dancers
original cast: Liz Carpenter, Lance Gries, Nicole Juralewicz, Kevin Kortan, Gregory Lara, Carolyn Lucas, Diane Madden, Trish Oesterling, Lisa Schmidt, Shelley Senter, David Thomson, Wil Swanson

Foray Foręt…is one of her most sophisticated, subtle and delicate and also one of her most elusive [works]. Even for a choreographer like Brown, who likes to disturb the order of things, this one fractures our cozy notions of esthetic perception.” Mike Steele, Star Tribune

This collaboration with Robert Rauschenberg remains one of the more requested works in the repertory. Foray Foręt features gold costumes and an open stage. Most notably, it is accompanied by a marching band engaged locally at each performance venue, playing John Philip Sousa music outside the walls of the theater. This piece marks the beginning of Ms. Brown’s elegant and mysterious Back to Zero cycle, in which she pulled back from external virtuosity to investigate unconscious movement.

New York City Center, New York, NY | March 5, 1991

Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH | November 2, 1990

Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Lyon, France | September 22, 1990

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