Trisha Brown in Set and Reset, 1996
Photo by Chris Callis
After graduating from Mills College in Oakland, California, studying with Anna Halprin and teaching at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Trisha Brown moved to New York City in 1961. Instantly immersed in what was to become the post-modern phenomena of Judson Dance Theater, her movement investigations found the extraordinary in the everyday and challenged existing perceptions of what constitutes performance. In this “hot-bed of dance revolution”, Brown, along with like-minded artists, pushed the limits of choreography thereby changing modern dance forever. ...read more in Dance

from Orfeo
Photo by Johan Jacobs, 1998
Having explored for over three decades in the world of post-modern dance, Brown stepped into the world of opera to direct Claudio Monteverdi's L’Orfeo (1998).

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Trisha Brown, 2008
photo by Simon Little
As well as being a prolific choreographer, Brown was an accomplished visual artist, as experienced in It’s a Draw (2002). Her drawings have been seen in exhibitions, galleries, and museums throughout the world. ...read more in Visual Art

Trisha Brown, 2008
photo by Lourdes Delgado
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